Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nick and Beth Got Married

I am about two months late on this - but Congratulations to Nick and Beth! Technically, this is not a couple I "worked with" only because the beautiful bride is my Sister-in-Law. Now - being that she planned this wedding from DC, I do like to think that I was a valuable resource to her during the planning process. From picking the venue to confirming ceremony music the day of - I was half bridesmaid/half wedding planner.

It was a beautiful wedding, a ton of fun, and just a great night. Please head over to the Locke Innovations to see more pictures of the beautiful couple!

A few details from their wedding:
1) DLM Oreo Balls were their favors - yummy
2) Family is very important to them so they displayed pictures of parents, grandparents, and siblings on a Heritage Table
3) Keeping in simple they had a small wedding party of brothers, sisters and their spouses
4) The were married by a close friend in a very heartwarming ceremony.
5) They lucked out and got a wonderful fireworks display from Red's stadium
6) Sliders were served late night!
Special Thanks To:
Drees Pavilion

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