Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Congratulations Jen and Rogelio!

I had so much fun working with both Jen and Rogelio - they are both great people individually and a great couple together. Both are law students living in Washington D.C. but decided to plan a more intimate wedding here in Jen's hometown. Both the ceremony and reception took place at Cox Arboretum and you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. The bright orange and deep red flowers sealed the deal on this fall inspired wedding!
The wedding was originally going to take place next September, but just a few months ago the couple decided to move it up to this year. Cox Arboretum only had a few dates available and, unfortunately, I already had a wedding schedule for the date they chose - no worries, my assistant Heather stepped up to the plate and managed to handle everything that was thrown at her that day (and a lot was thrown at her that day). I joined them late night just as the party was getting started and am really glad that I got to see the bride and groom on their special day.
My favorite part is that I am now facebook friends with both the bride and the groom so we can keep in touch for years to come!
Please head over to Mark Garber's blog to see the beautiful pictures of this wedding.

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