Friday, July 10, 2009

Corsage Magnets!

I know that this may not be very exciting to most of you brides out there, but as the woman who is usually the one pinning corsages onto the MOB's, MOG's and G-ma's, I think that the Lomey Corsage Magnets are the coolest! Big thank you to Mark of The Flower Shoppe for introducing me to these.

Mother Of dresses have come along way and many of them are so beautiful I just had the idea of sticking a pin through them to create big ol' holes in them. these corsage magnest are so great because all your florist needs to do is attach one side to the corsage and we then just put the other side on the inside of the fabric. No messy holes and no worries about getting stuck (or sticking someone with a pin).

When meeting with your florist, please see if using a Corsage Magnet is an option. It may be a little more expensive but it will be well worth in and all the special women in your life will greatly appreciate it.

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