Monday, July 13, 2009

Birthday's - Part II

So it is round two for birthdays here in the Leedy household. My daughter Peyton will be turning two this September and I am now starting to figure out all of the details for the party. Here is what I know so far....

It will be a Monkey theme inspired completely by this adorable outfit from Gymboree:

I found some supercute Stitched Monkey Invitations from Polka Dot Designs and even a Pull String Pinata from Birthday Express. I love the idea of a pull string because it will really give the two-year-olds a chance to participate and not just stand around watching the older kids hit the pinata. Finally, there will be a Monkey Visor Craft courtesy of Oriental Trading.

I also know that here will be A LOT of balloons! Peyton is obsessed with balloons and can spot them anywhere, even if it is just a picture of one hanging up on the wall.

I am still in the process of organizing a guestlist, coming up with a menu, and figuring out what the rest of the decorations are going to be but, I am pretty proud of myself for what I have found/accomplished so far.

Tune in September 14th for pictures to see if I really pulled it off!

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