Friday, May 8, 2009

Whirlwind Wedding Planning

Holy Cow - it has been a busy week! Here at the Leedy household we have been preparing for the big birthday party coming up tomorrow (my daughter is turning 4), getting ready to host a Mother's Day Brunch, spending time with my sister-in-law who is visiting from DC, and finalizing the details for Mike and Leah's wedding next weekend. But that is nothing compared to the week that Mike and Erin have had.

Mine and Erin live in Boston but are planning a Cincinnati wedding for July 2010. They came into town this week to meet with vendors and start nailing down some details since they will not be returning until November. I am so proud of them because so far they have:

Found a Ceremony Location
Found a Reception Location
Hired a Florist
Hired a Photographer
Found a Stationer
Hired Transportation
Blocked Guest Rooms
Found a Bakery
Bought a Wedding Dress
and will probably be hiring their musical entertainment today!

The best part, now they can go back to Boston and take a well deserved "wedding break" until they return in November (yeah, right - all you brides out there know that when it comes to wedding planning, once you start you can't stop!)

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