Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Weddings-a look back

What a beautiful weekend we just had! All of this warm weather is getting me excited for wedding season. Although the summer months still hold the top spot for weddings, there is something so special about a spring wedding. Unfortunatly, we live in Ohio where if you do decide to plan a spring wedding you need to be prepared for snow as well as sweltering hot weather.

Chad and Iman had the idea when they decided to plan a spring wedding in Charlotte, NC. Making the drive to Charlotte in April 2007 was great because the further south I got, the greener everything became. I have to admit that I was quite sad when I returned to dull, brown Ohio the following Monday.

We were worried the night before because it rained buckets all over the city Friday night but we woke Saturday morning to some of the most beautiful, clear blue skys. Chad and Iman were blessed with perfect 72 degree weather for their "city" themed wedding.
Big thanks to Kevin Milz of Kevin Milz Photography for the beautiful pictures.

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