Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be great, when they are done correctly. If not, they can be extremely stressful for all parties involved!

Lisa and John, fortunately, planned a great one! They were married 06/07/08 on Bald Head Island NC. The smartest thing they did was to keep the wedding small and intimate. They rented a large house right on the beach where Lisa and her entire family stayed during the wedding celebration. John's family stayed in a different house across the island.

Playing off their surroundings, Lisa and John's colors were a bright ocean blue and a warm sandy beige. The wedding took place on the beach right outside of the beach house the bride's family stayed in followed by a short cocktail reception on the house's large deck. After that the families loaded into their golf carts (there are no cars on the island) and went off to the country club for dinner.

This wedding was so wonderful because it was a great opportunity for both families to spend a long weekend together and really get to know each other. Lisa and John never stopped smiling the entire weekend and as everyone was boarding the ferry to go back the mainland they couldn't stop commenting on how wonderful the entire weekend was.

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