Friday, February 6, 2009

Four Reasons I love J Crew Weddings

I just got the February catalog this week and the wedding section is beautiful, it is the fresh taste of spring that I needed on this cold winter day.

Here are four reasons I love J Crew Weddings:

1) Pockets! Yes, some of their wedding gowns have pockets. How great to carry some breath mints and lip gloss without worrying about leaving your purse in the limo.

2) Bridesmaid Dresses. What is so nice is that even if your bridesmaids live all over the country they can still order their dresses in the comfort of their own home. In addition, the trend of having your wedding party in different dresses is still going strong and the J. Crew wedding collection allows you to keep your wedding party in the same color and fabric but in dresses that fit their bodies best.

3) Customer Service! J. Crew customer service cannot be beat. Whether you go into a local store or call them on the phone they will always go out of their way to accommodate you. I worked with a bride last summer who fell in love with a tie she saw on one of the grooms in Real Weddings on It turned out that that tie was from an earlier collection of J. Crew weddings and was no longer available in the stores or online. This bride called customer service and they actually went through their warehouse and found the tie for my bride.

4) Dress your groom! It is often overlooked but J. Crew has a great selection of tuxedos and suits for your groom as well as coordinating ties to coordinate with your bridesmaid dresses. PLUS, with the introduction of crewcuts, you can also dress your flower girl and ring bearer, truly one-stop-shopping!

Not convinced yet? Take a second and check them out online, just be careful not to add too many items to your cart while you are there;)

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