Saturday, January 10, 2009

Local Lesson

Every wedding that I work on is a learning experience and, usually, not only do I learn something new about the wedding industry but I also learn something new about life in general. One of my greatest teachers was a bride I worked with this past May named Emily. To give you a little look into they type of person she is, just around the time I had my second daughter - Emily also took some time off to donate her kidney to a family friend. I know that we all like to think that we are the kind of person who would do that, should we be asked, when actually faced with the decision I sure many of us would not know what to do.
In addition to being a very good person, she was also a very interesting person. I don't know if any of you Cincinnatians out there have ever heard of Meryton Place, but it is a street filled with some of the most eclectic homes and people I have ever met. It is also the street that Emily grew up on. Almost the entire street was invited to the wedding and most of them played some part in it also. Their neighbor across the street just happened to be a glass blower and made them some of the coolest toasting flutes I had ever seen. They also go married at nearby church where one of their neighbors was the minister - I have never heard a more personal wedding ceremony.
I tell you all this because I admire the thought that Emily put not only into the "things" about her wedding but also the people. She worked very hard to make sure that the people working on her wedding held some sort of value in it also. She took that extra step off the beaten path to find the people who shared in her creative style to make sure the wedding and reception reflected both she and Tony. Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures to show you but I want to let you know that the one thing that represented Tony and Emily so perfectly was how classy everything was and how each of their guests could take a look around and be able to recognize and admire all of the thought and attentiveness put into the special day.
The cities of Cincinnati and Dayton play host to a variety of small and local business that could offer to you everything and anything you would need to make your day "yours". So, no matter how many catalogues you may have sent to you or how much you love the Internet - please, follow Emily's example take at least one weekend to explore the wedding vendors in your area because you may be surprised to find how much they have to offer.

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