Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Becca and Jason

Becca and Jason were such a fun couple to work with. Their wedding had a sort of "rustic-elegance" feel to it, on a perfect fall day. They were married in front of a goregous stone fireplace at Muhlauser Barn in West Chester and then traveled to the Ronald Regan Lodge at the Voice of America Park.

Despite the fact that Becca had lost her voice the night before and a very high spirited one-year-old knocked over one of their glass unity candles during the ceremony, the wedding couldn't have been better! You could tell that their friends and their family loved and supported the two of them so very much and - at the end of the day - isn't that really what it is all about?

A few of the high points included a stop at Jag's for some pictures and, event though the restaurant was closed at the time, the owner welcomed them in with glasses of champagne garnished with ripe red strawberries.

Becca also surprised Jason with grooms cake replica of a can of Guiness. Created beautifully by Terry of Artrageous. Another surprise was a Potato Bar created by All Things Catered designed to include Jason's favorite, Sweet Potatoes! Finally, to round out the night - after a great set played by the band Three Heads Tall - Jason's band took the stage and put on a great show for all of their guests.

A big thanks to Patrick Banfield for all of the great pictures.

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