Saturday, October 11, 2008


Before I started a blog, I had a page on my website where I listed current trends or just interesting things I came across that dealt with the wedding industry. My hope is to continue doing that here as opposed to directly on the site but I still wanted to feature a few that I already had posted.

This first is the opportunity couples have to ship their luggage to their honeymoon destination. If you timeline is tight and you are planning on leaving for your honeymoon the day following your ceremony that means there is the potential that you will have to transport your luggage with you the entire day, find a place to store it during your ceremony and reception, and then carry it all throughout your hotel that night. The companies and allow you to ship your luggage to your honeymoon destination and then all you need to worry about is a small overnight bag for your wedding night.

Another great opportunity out there is Dial Directions. By posting directions on the website your guests can then call the phone number 347-328-4667 and have turn my turn directions sent directly to their cell phones.

Last, but not least, is a great new social networking site for brides at This website is still in the building processes but it will soon be a wonderful way for you to connect with brides and vendors in your area. Two other great sites to check out are and

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